Alternatives for urgent medical response

Pro Bono Consulting for Civic Bridge | Organizational Transformation |  Sep 2018 - Jan 2019 |  Research. Strategy. Design.


Over fall 2018, through Civic Bridge, I'm working with a team of 4 other CCA MBA students with Robert Smuts, Deputy Director for the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management to research health models to address San Francisco's non-acute medical 911 calls. 


What might a San Francisco model for
911 medical calls not requiring an ambulance be?


Right care. Right time. Right provider. Right destination.

Through interviews, sit-alongs with 911 dispatchers and call takers, comparative research of other cities and systems, and exploratory research across sectors we are establishing a comprehensive understanding of the current SF model and designing potential solutions towards improved patient experience (by directing patients to the right care) and efficiency for the city's resources. 


Team: Joyce Lu, Karin Senado, Kelsey Byrd, Serena Chan, Vanessa Hernandez