Dell Portable AIO Desktop

Initial Concept Development for Dell XPS 18 | Product Definition | UX Designer | 2012 | User Stories Development.


The product concept team had envisioned the idea of a portable all-in-one desktop for a while and had started with the initial product concept.

It would harness the power of the desktop, touch interaction of a tablet and portability of a notebook. It was to be an AIO solution, with the convenience and flexibility of computing anywhere within home or workspace, with a screen size that affords shared use among 2-3 users


How will people use the portable all-in-one desktop?

This was a question the team had to answer before defining product goals and mapping them to features and requirements and downstream design and development.


Design Challenge

Defining the usage models of a portable all-in-one desktop in the form factor of a large tablet, as a ground to creating meaningful product offering and to deliver best experience to the users.



  • Explore and refine usage models of a portable all-in-one desktop, in the form factor of a large tablet

  • Develop usage scenarios & create user stories to communicate product concepts

  • Arrive at a common understanding of product concept between stakeholders, before mapping product goals to features and requirements


The Approach

I worked with the Design Leads, supporting early conceptual development work. My contributions included:

  • Synthesized and created character profiles and their day-in-a-life’s based on potential market segments.

  • Mapped out the various tasks and use positions of a portable AIO desktop in the form factor of a large tablet, affording shared use among 2-3 users.

  • Defined the initial phase of a user research program to validate the product concept with target users and gather user needs and feedback to explore options and alternatives to a design.

  • Takeaways from the research were meant to inform design iterations and provide inputs to the value proposition and business case of the product concept.


The Outcomes

  • Artefacts created served as tools to spark discussions and explorations, and to arrive at a shared understanding and knowledge inside the team, among stakeholders, of who the target users are and what they would use the device for.

  • Early concept of the XPS 18 was developed by the team, which laid the foundation and basis of product definition, design direction and decisions.

  • Fruition of the XPS 18, Dell’s first portable all-in-one desktop, launched in late 2013