Live Exchange Teach Us Something in 4 minutes

TUS4M: Try, learn, try again!


“Try, learn, try again” leverages the concept of Rapid Prototyping, encouraging its audience to try something and to keep at it even if it doesn’t work initially.

This video was created for Teach Us Something in 7 Minutes, a project of “Live Exchange”, communication course taught by Linda Yaven, Faculty, MBA in Design Strategy, California College of the Arts.

In small teams students delivered 7 minute performances about business, communication, or innovation to a live audience of 100. Afterwards students designed a 4-minute video version of the TUS7M live presentation.

Created by: 
Ai Miyazawa
Alexander Rosandick
Kevin Yang
Joyce Lu

KAI ENGEL - “Ode to the world”
BAFFY - “Boils”